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Anji January 24 2010 04:59 AM

BringBackKirk video
Have any of you seen this this video on YouTube from It's amazing. It starts off with the righting the great wrong of the killing of Kirk in Generations and...well, I don't want to spoil the rest.

I'd like your opinion. This movie is a pretty tall order. Do you think CBS/Paramount would have the money/ability/talent/guts to pull something like this off??? I for one would shell out the $9 to go see it.

Sector 7 January 24 2010 05:32 AM

Re: BringBackKirk video
If they wedge Shat into the next movie I may stay home.

Nardpuncher January 24 2010 05:51 AM

Re: BringBackKirk video

T'Girl January 24 2010 09:19 PM

Re: BringBackKirk video
What can I say? Long on special effects, short on story and dialog. Some more exposition would be nice.

thew40 January 25 2010 03:09 AM

Re: BringBackKirk video
I remember when this first came out and thinking it was kinda neat. Now, watching it, I feel embarassed. I understand and appreciate the amount of work that was done for this -- but at the same time, it's monumentally dorky.

Mysterion January 25 2010 03:31 AM

Re: BringBackKirk video
Who do I talk to to get my 9 minutes and 15 seconds back?

RandyS January 25 2010 04:51 AM

Re: BringBackKirk video
Aww, not this again.

CDR6 January 25 2010 06:28 AM

Re: BringBackKirk video
As much as I like the original cast, some are old, and some are gone. I think the new cast will age into their roles well if the new Trek lasts. So "Hail and farewell Star Trek!"

sbk1234 January 25 2010 08:02 AM

Re: BringBackKirk video
This ship has sailed.

Char Aznable January 25 2010 06:58 PM

Re: BringBackKirk video
I've seen that vid many times now and it is STILL one of the worst things I've ever seen. Anyone who legitimately thinks this would be a good movie, especially now, deserves to get punched in the face.

knine January 25 2010 07:00 PM

Re: BringBackKirk video
Not this crap again.

CBS won't do it, but I dunno, maybe if NBC gets desperate enough.....

USS KG5 January 25 2010 07:18 PM

Re: BringBackKirk video
This is actually quite entertaining as a trailer - its pretty dumb though.

"Wouldn't it be kewl if they had all the crews in one action packed film" seems to be the premise - and its pretty silly, seeing it would probably be a terrible mess.

USS KG5 January 25 2010 07:26 PM

Re: BringBackKirk video
Another point: Why are fans of a franchise where the future is meant to be peaceful so hung up on killing thousands of people? When Trek actually did a war in DS9 it built it up, showed the consequences and crucially did it to open doors for their characters. No great story has ever been told with the premise "lets blow loads of ships up cos its kewl".

bbailey861 January 25 2010 07:51 PM

Re: BringBackKirk video
Time to leave this whole thing alone.

THE_FETT January 26 2010 05:14 AM

Re: BringBackKirk video

USS KG5 wrote: (Post 3784858)
"Wouldn't it be kewl if they had all the crews in one action packed film" seems to be the premise

Yeah it left me wondering; why is it called "Bring Back Kirk" it seems like it should be called "Bring Back Everyone"

And so, if the trailer is an indication of the proposed story, then the movie would basically be, take all the plots of various episodes and mash them all together?

And eveyrone is old. And Scotty is dead. Wtf? What are these people smoking?

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