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SgtPinback January 2 2010 06:37 PM

Star Trek Mashups, Crossovers, And Other Parodies
Grownups are invited to read my Star Trek Mashups article at LiveJournal. I've put an 'adult content notice' on the article; grownups, however, might be a little let down by the fact that it doesn't have much in the way of actual profanity... some of the material is just not for kids. :techman:

A sample:

"Yesteryear's Enterprise"
Spock is replaced by an Andorian, and travels back in time to seek the aid of his beloved Teddy Ruxpin "iChaya," which has been loaded with a specially-encoded cassette tape belonging to the Ferengi Mafia, who wish to sell the Teddy Ruxpin on fBay, which is the Ferengi eBay, only more so than regular eBay. (Philosophical note: if a Ferengi were in the Mafia... how could you tell?) Hot on his trail: Denise Crosby and Gabriel Koerner.
[... ...] A Classic Trek-style communicator beeps inconveniently, giving away a concealed Gabriel Koerner, who angrily opens the communicator and shouts, above the noise of a howling Vulcan sandstorm, "Piotr, this is the worst time you could have called! Go away!" (Why he would get a call from Chekov's imaginary brother is never specified.)

Sgt. Pinback,
A.K.A. science_officer :vulcan:

SgtPinback January 8 2010 07:32 AM

Re: Star Trek Mashups, Crossovers, And Other Parodies

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