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Alidar Jarok
Alidar Jarok is a Romulan defector who is currently in exile in Delaware, where he goes to college. He studies history with an eye towards eventually attending law school. In his spare time, he moderates General Trek Discussion, drinks Romulan Ale, and plots to steal the title of coolest Romulan from T'Bonz.

Designation: Timofnine, tertiary adjunct of unimatrix 666. Otherwise known as the Evil Henchman of Satan.
Assimilation: Birthed from a maturation chamber and unleashed on to the TrekBBS community stardate 01.25.01.
Directives: To bring order to chaos. Assimilation of new TrekBBS members in to the collective. Pursuit of perfection (though he claims to be pretty close to it himself).
Power Managment: Requires 1000 cubic centimetres of aloholic supplement 217 in order to function efficiently. Extended regeneration cycles needed to compensate.

Awesome Possum
At a very early age, Awesome Possum would spend his time watching television shows. By random chance a few of these shows featured a young Canadian actress named Jewel Staite. This would lead him down a path that would change everything. Because nearly every show he was a fan of, featured her to some degree. Was it fate? Perhaps, but the seeds for a great future were being planted.

Years later, he joined Trek BBS and would eventually start posting pictures of Jewel, creating a forced meme that is the stuff of legend. A legend that few people know about and even less care about, but still a legend. Then according to prophecy, he became a moderator for TNZ.

An accident involving gamma radiation, gun powder, chaps, and Dennis Leary gave rise to the creation of Frontline. The result was so horrific that the government didn't even want him. Alas he wandered naked and aimlessly, terrorizing the public, who didn't know what to make out of him, his leather accouterments, guns, twisted sense of humor, beer, and over all glorious nekkidness. Then one day this drunk red headed chick was waking down a dark, humid alley and saw him. At that moment she decided that he was exactly the sort that she was looking for to become involved with a special project. Shifty, extremely intelligent, amoral, stunningly good looking, drunk, witty, angry, and a crack shot with a love of zombie killing, he had all that she wanted. So she took him in. At first she put him in General Trek and watched him as he bled from his ears. Then she knew, she knew where he belonged. So she threw him in TNZ, locked the door, and has never looked back other than to throw him the occasional piece of raw flesh or to control him by waving a spell checker in his direction. The world has been a safer place ever since.

HR is a Phloxist (that's "eternal optimist" in Terran Standard English), which is why she got suckered into moderating the Enterprise forum. She likes something about every single episode of Trek--yes, even "Spock's Brain" and "Threshold"--and she hopes that someday there will be a world without shipper wars or "TATV" hatred, because IDIC is a beautiful thing. And besides, Barclay was drunk and messed with the holodeck program to put one over on Riker.

In real life, HR is a happy housewife and cat coddler, a movie buff and collector of film music, and a writer.

JKTim has found himself to be one of the graybeards among the TrekBBS moderating staff, having been first recruited in late 2002. After stints in TOS and Trek Movies, he settled into his current position as one-third of the Science Fiction & Fantasy triumvirate and Resident Overlord of Moderator Actions.

In so-called "real life," Tim lives with his wife and two cats in eastern Iowa, where he works as a media and Web developer. When not actually working, he can be found either watching Ghostbusters for the third time this week or posting vitriol-fueled rants about the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears. That's a big Twinkie.

kimc mods the Voyager and Meet-ups forums. She’s a software developer living in Minneapolis with two well-trained pomeranians - meaning they don’t chew on the shoe collection. Her coffee-fueled interests include skiing, reading, biking, wine-tasting, hiking, French and sailing.

LS is a moderator of Gaming and Trek Lit. He is a "he" contrary to the typical avatar featuring Storm of X-Men which leads one to believe otherwise.

LS is a Software Engineer and Father who really likes reading tie-in fiction to my favorite TV/Movie/Game franchises and occasionally travels the US to video game tournaments.

In May 2009, a member of TrekBBS was sentenced to moderate by the staff for an infraction he didn't commit. This man promptly escaped from the Briefing Room to the Miscellaneous underground. Today, still wanted by the administration, he survives as a moderator of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if he's online, maybe you can notify... Locutus of Bored.

Misfit Toy
Conflicting origins indicate that Misfit Toy was either rescued from the frozen North by a mutant reindeer or rocketed to earth as a playful pup. Formerly one of the multi-mods of The Neutral Zone, he can now be found curled up, asleep in the corner of General Trek Discussion or occasionally off exploring the universe with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal toy dogs.

Originating in a time before the dinosaurs, when wild and hungry trilobites roamed the seas in packs, shaking down the flatworms for spare change, M'Sharak has in more recent decades struggled through a mixture of corporate drudgery, food service work, unpaid rock & roll radio gigs, occasionally-paying gigs on the music-biz periphery and miscellaneous acts of debauchery, arriving battered and broken upon the shores of TrekkBBS around mid-2002. He feels better now, but is somewhat puzzled by the fact that his name seems to have turned a funny color, and is considering having that examined for possible spoilage.
Generally not considered dangerous. Please send more beer.


Orac Zen
Orac Zen discovered TBBS in 2000 and, having registered to make vital and fascinating points about reviewers and the White Star, lurked for most of the following few years. Her descent into TBBS madness truly began in 2004 when she found a niche in the commodores' lounge. Her BBS experience thus entirely transformed, she proceeded to make life hell for the staff, secure in her (sincere) belief she'd never be greened. OZ spends her days kicking people who complain about rain and studying the creatures of ultimate evil – sheep – in hopes of her own considerable evil increasing. OZ has a BBS motto in two parts: "They're TV shows, not matters of life and death" and "To each their own".

Peach Wookiee
Peach Wookiee is, like her name suggests, cuddly and dangerous. She is one of the two moderators of the Trek Movies forum and has been for a few years. She enjoys being occasionally flirty, cooking, baking and being a caregiver.

It is clear that this mod serves no further purpose than to agitate the rest of the members. Therefore, he has been banned by AutoAdmin and promoted to the rank of Spoo Farmer.

Rosalind mods the Trek Literature forum. When she's not reading books, she works for the government as a research scientist, everything else is on a need-to-know basis.

Spaceman Spiff
There are times of darkness when evil and treachery rise to cast a shadow over the innocent. It is during such times that heroes are made, legendary warriors forged from the ore of courage with the flames of passion. These steely figures stare danger in the eye with an unflinching gaze. Even the threat of certain death does not sway them from their path, for their cause is Justice, and it cannot be denied.

Such times, dear reader, are upon us. Even as you read these words, such heroes are awakening to the call which Destiny has issued.

Spaceman Spiff, however, is not one of them. He is crying under his desk and drinking an Orange Julius.

T'Bonz is the board manager of TrekBBS.
Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she now resides in the suburbs of Fort Lauderdale, where she and her husband have raised three daughters.
Hobbies include genealogy, Star Trek and harassing any Klingons that come across her path.

the 4th hanson bro
This young man had a very trying rookie season, with the litigation, the notoriety, his subsequent deportation to Canada and that country's refusal to accept him.
He has been living in semi-seclusion in Northern Quebec ever since the unfortunate "Noodle Incident" in the Commodore's lounge. He now runs a donut shop, the penalty-minute record holder for the years 2001 to 2009 inclusive.
The 4th hanson bro, or "bro" is living proof of why you don't open PMs from T'Bonz. Ever.

Unicron is a geek. He enjoys giant robots, web games and having fun.

Top41 was discovered by the TrekBBS staff during a screening of Star Search. The admins watched over the stunned audience, as she lip-synced to Faith of the Heart. Seeing how this obviously qualified her to moderate the Enterprise forum, she kept guard over it for several seasons, protecting it against the shenanigans that its miscreants (read: co-mods) created. She has since been put out to pasture in the much tamer General TV & Media forum.

When not deep into absorbing the latest books and other printed material (like directions on using Wet-Naps), she spends her free time worshiping at her church. Top41 is the founder of the Holy Cathedral of St. Joss Whedon. Jossuits, as they have been dubbed, gather weekly to worship all the TV and film in the 'verse that's produced by this sci-fi savior. Top41 can be seen every year signing autographs at the annual Las Vegas Star Trek convention.

$75 per autograph. Limit 1 per geek. Contact jkladis for payment info.

Small pink elephant seeks same for happy afternoons eating buns and trampling passers-by.

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